All sales people, regardless of their business, need to do several consistent things in order to build relationships with their customers. They must build trust and rapport. They must establish both personal and corporate credibility. And they must demonstrate value.

One of the most powerful ways to do this is tapping into the power of “story”.

Most companies today are selling predominantly with data or case studies. The problem is, data is quickly forgotten, and most case studies are same-old-same-old.

Sales people and organizations that can turn data and case studies into stories have a clear advantage in the market.


Our one or two-day Storytelling for Sales workshop is an intense program designed to help your sales team use stories strategically and powerfully. We show them how to use stories to build trust and rapport, establish credibility, and add value. We help them understand how to shape data into a compelling story. And we help them turn case studies into stories that stick.

This powerful program, developed by Anecdote International, has been successfully used by global organizations like Gartner, IBM, Mars, and Shell for years.

We believe that great salespeople are good storytellers and that storytelling is a skill that can be taught.


Effective learning doesn’t just happen in a one or two-day workshop – no matter how good it is.

Our Deliberate Practice Program is designed to take the skills and knowledge picked up in the Storytelling for Sales workshop and embed these in your day-to-day activities.

Each month for six months you receive a new learning module packed with energizing, practical and relevant exercises that help you put what you know into real-world practice.

We can also provide video and one-on-one coaching for your team.

Please Contact Us about running a Storytelling for Sales (SFS) program.

To download the Storytelling for Sales (SFS) introduction PDF with more information, please click here.

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