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Top 5 lessons we learned in 2016

Actually we knew these, but were reminded of them once again this year. 1) Find the truth yourself With both Brexit and the election of Donald Trump. the world learned that the “experts" are not always right. For a business leader at any level, the learning from this is profound. Do you really know what is going on inside your organization or your people’s heads? Are you out there talking with [...]

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How to Succeed at Disruption

By now you are probably aware that in the last 5 years, a battle for men’s faces has broken out. The spoil to the victor is billions of dollars. The men’s grooming industry has traditionally been a two company war between Schick/Wilkinson and Gillette, with Gillette owning about 70% of the +$10 billion a year market. Gillette sets the pace of innovation and pricing in the market. Twenty years ago [...]

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Don’t give up on little ideas

  “There is a serious possibility that this simple discovery will have a profound influence on the health status of women in Asia.” - Dr. Alastair Summerlea, President, University of Guelph Sometimes the simplest ideas have the potential to create the biggest change. “Why can’t I call a taxi from my smartphone?” gave us Uber. “What if glue wasn’t permanent?” gave us Post It notes. “What if I rented my [...]

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How to Own a Market

Apple’s launch of the Apple Watch in 2015 promised to breathe new life into what looked like an outdated product category: wrist watches. But sales of ultra-luxury mechanical watches continue to be strong. And what amazes us is that literally all of the premium brands in this category come from one place – Switzerland. There is not another product category where one geography owns the market. How did that happen? [...]

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A Solution to Slumping Productivity?

Researchers in Canada have determined that the average person now has an eight-second attention span. This drop in focus has been on a steady decline since 2000, which many technology experts point to as the beginning of the “mobile revolution”. “Today’s average employee is a multiple screen user with phones, tablets, and computer screens.” States, Carolyn Davidson, who headed the study. “They’re bombarded minute to minute with emails, texts, and [...]

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What If Nothing Was Impossible?

What might you be capable of, what would you be willing to commit to, if nothing was impossible? If the possibility of failure was taken off the table? Most of us are held back in our desires and dreams by the voices in our heads which tell us "That's impossible" - or even worse "I'm not good enough (smart enough, rich enough.... whatever enough"). Mick Ebeling will be happy to [...]

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Netflix: The Art of Evolution

"Netflix in the beginning was a new technology company, but based on the oldest technology possible: the US post office." - Robert Thompson, Syracuse University If Uber is classed as a disruptor for its industry (and it is), then Netflix is a serial disruptor. In its short history, it has created and successfully driven disruptive new models in several different parts of the entertainment industry, and so far has succeeded with each one. Netflix was [...]

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Trouble in Paradise

Nobody made a bigger mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little - Edmund Burke This is the story of a man and a battle - a big battle. His enemies do not have guns. They have political force and ignorance. Two horrible bedmates. And sadly they are winning, which may mean both the end of his country and a terrifying lesson for the rest [...]

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The Sharing Economy: Taking It WAY beyond Uber

Love it or loathe it, the Uber-fication of everything has shifted people’s expectations of the businesses and services they use. And customers are embracing it in droves. - John Rossi, Information Age The “sharing economy”. It sounds so kind, so friendly. So why is the concept creating so much outrage and controversy? Here’s why: because the changes it represents are disrupting deeply entrenched business models. It puts new opportunities in [...]

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Leadership and the Ice Bucket Challenge

The power, the joy, the hope that came through on those videos back to Pete, number one, and's almost like we got a visual, 'we're with you,' from every person doing it. - John Frates (Pete’s father) Growing up in Massachusetts during the 90’s, Pete Frates excelled at all sports, including football and hockey...but seemed to have a particular genius and love for the game of baseball. After being [...]

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